Dled Use Hive Product for Caves

Dled recenlty used the impressive Hive product to create magical cave lighting in the Netifim Caves in Isreal.

Hive is a compact, innovative and stylish designed luminaire, used as a powerful washer, which generates a uniform light output in a compact unit.

Hive can be installed in versatile variations: wall, ceiling or above the ground.

Hive features an ATP (active thermal management) to regulate the temperature. 


  • Innovative design - With an aluminum body, perfect proportions and sleek design, it fits elegantly in every environment.
  • Weather Proof - The fixture is Outdoor (IP67) or Indoor (IP40) rated and vandal proof.
  • Adjustable - A 90° tilt for all mounting accessories.
  • Low Voltage Operation- Direct operation via standard low voltage power supply.


  • Commercial use
  • Retail or department stores
  • Museums
  • Wall grazing/washing
  • Building façade illumination

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