Enlightened Lighting Solutions From Enlighten

Enlightened Lighting Solutions From Enlighten 

In the context of aesthetics and energy usage, lighting has always been an important element of the building mix. However, now that budgets are slashed and energy costs keep rising, the focus on lighting is greater than ever.


Thankfully, advances in lighting technology, and especially developments in LED, means that the industry at last has the armoury to meet the challenges and demands of today’s marketplace.


That said, LED’s are a speciality market segment, requiring a great depth of technical know-how, knowledge and experience that only a handful of companies in Ireland have. Enlighten is one such company.


Specifically established to provide professional LED and architectural lighting solutions across a diverse range of commercial, industrial and retail applications, Enlighten is now market-leader in the sector.


The need and demand for professional-quality lighting has never been greater yet, paradoxically, the marketplace also insists that the increased lighting levels are provided in a cost-effective, energy-efficient, environment-friendly, manner. Essentially, what’s required is more for less, a daunting challenge that could not be met were it not for the development of LEDtechnology.


The inherent features and strengths of LED make it the best alternative to conventional light sources and allow for a vast range of flexible solutions to cater for virtually every conceivable application. The only limitation lies in the imagination of the system designer.


As Ireland’s foremost LED solutions provider, Enlighten enjoys trading partnerships with some of the world’s leading innovators in the field and can bring the benefits of these developments to clients in Ireland, as and when they are first introduced on the world stage.


Enlighten delivers bespoke lighting solutions by providing innovative design, friendly service and total quality management throughout all phases of the project. It has its own in-house design engineers and, where necessary, will also manufacture customised fittings and fixtures incorporating LED technology.


Enlighten is a lighting company with a difference. It is not so much about the provision of standard, off-the-shelf products but more about delivering customised, engineering-led, LED solutions. Every project is treated as a one-off, stand-alone challenge requiring its own, dedicated solution.


Always to the forefront with innovative ideas and concepts, Enlighten adopts the same approach when getting the message out to lighting professionals. Hence its new, interactive, dedicated websites — www.enlighten.ie for commercial and www.enlightendirect.com for e-commerce to he consumer


Enlighten’s client base includes Government Departments, town and city councils, blue-chip companies, and others charged with the care and upkeep of large, showcase corporate buildings, public buildings, monuments, department stores and retail outlets. In specifying Enlighten you are in good company.


Contact enlighten for Irelands largest on-line lighting store at www.enlightendirect.com



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