Heraldic Museum, National Library, Kildare Street, Dublin

The heraldic Museum houses wide range of different exhibitions of various durations. The challenge was for flexible comprehensive lighting system to cater for the needs of the building and whatever exhibitions it would house. Enlighten were commissioned by the OPW to design and deliver this project.

The initial exhibition shown in these images was “Flight of Earls” representing a special era of Irish history.

Significant imperatives in the project were low energy use, prevention of damage to valuable artefacts or displays in a highly sensitive conservation environment.

Enlighten’s design using LED lighting with a programmable light management system provided the answers. The selection and assembly in arrays of specified LEDs provided the desired lighting. It was low energy with no damaging rays, it also provided flexibility for a variety future uses.

The control system provides energy efficient and targeted use of the lights including dimming, cycling and lighting level control. The light is managed on three levels, exhibition lighting, maintenance or service and security. The levels adjust automatically to the prevailing ambient light with remote or manual override for local personnel control. This is an integrated system of general, display, backdrop, architectural and wash lighting.

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