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Managing and controlling artificial light spectrum outputs has always been a challenge for the horticulture sector. However, the advent of LEDs, and the emergence of specialist lighting companies such as Enlighten — working with one of its principals, d-led — has dramatically changed that. Studying plants' response to specific light wavelengths (colours), d-led has harnessed LED’s inherent narrow band light to design dedicated light systems targeting various processes to maximise production while reducing energy consumption. d-led's light systems offer growers the following benefits: — Dedicated spectrum - using LEDs narrow band light; — High spectral efficiency - only the needed wavelengths; — No extra cooling needed - due to low heat generation; — Low electricity bill - spectral efficiency and operative efficacy; — Intensity control capabilities - via feasible dimming; — Cast minimal shadow - fixture small footprint; — Immediate response - no warm-up or cool-off needed; — Reduced electrification hazard - operates on low DC voltage; — Low maintenance costs - enjoying LEDs high life-span; — High durability - suited for system requirements; — No special disposal procedures - RoHS compliant; — Reduced light pollution - by optically directed light. Designated systems are available to impact photo-period, assimilation (photosynthesis), flower-bud opening and more. Those can be implemented with success in the area of flowering, tissue culture, plant propagation, flowering finish, etc. Moreover, the level of control possible means that the same system can be programmed to deliver the appropriate colour spectrum for each stage. Forget traditional “grow light” technology … talk to us about LED-based systems.

To view our specialist Horticulture lighting manufacturers catalogue please visit our Dled page here.


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