Poultry Lighting

Commercial poultry producers use a wide variety of light systems and devices to effect behaviour, growth and reproduction in their birds. They know what they need but, until recently, the technology to deliver the level of sophistication and control required was not advanced enough. However, that has now changed with the advent of LEDs and specialist companies such as Enlighten, working in close tandem with one of their principals, Luma. The Luma Logic poultry lights were specifically developed for poultry production and offer the following benefits:— — Significant reduction in energy costs; — More energy efficient that fluorescent, incandescent an HID counterparts; — Decreased labour demands (due to less frequent replacement of lights); — Increased flock performance. — No need for ballasts or transformers; — No electromagnetic interference (EMI). Luma Logic maximizes poultry flock performance with a proprietary “two-in-one wavelengths” controllable lighting system. The combination of this technology, along with innovative lamp designs and customised LED packages, afford smooth dimming and colour modulation in the same step. The system produces light output tailored for “broiler” poultry applications. In addition, Luma Logic’s driver and control power unit was specifically developed for livestock farming and is especially suited to the management needs of poultry production. Enlighten designs bespoke lighting solutions that deliver complex colour-change permutations from the one single system, with sophisticated controls that are still simple to understand and manage. The result is the optimum environment for poultry growth, total operational control, and significantly-reduced running costs.

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Poultry Lighting

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