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There was a time when the use of security lighting was limited to the likes of say prisons, sensitive government buildings and so on. However, that scenario is now entirely changed and virtually every building — be it an office block, industrial warehouse, hotel, sports complex, retail unit, etc — has extensive security lighting to protect both property and personnel.

The choice and style of security lighting is immense but the core types are those that are permanently switched on in fading light and darkness, and those that are activated by passive infrared sensors (PIRs). Nearly all modern security lights incorporate a photocell which means that they only activate when it is dark, thereby saving on energy.

The advantage of the PIR-activated units is that the intruder knows instantly that his presence is lit up, and also feels exposed and easily identified, given that a beam of light has literally turned on him/her.

Of course PIR security is not all about deterring intruders. It is equally useful for legitimate personnel accessing a premises as it provides instant light on arrival, or when someone has to venture outside.

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