Bridge Lighting

Bridges are very important parts of the streetscape of towns and cities. In addition to providing vehicular and pedestrian links across rivers and canals, many are also are of architectural and/or historical significance. However, far too often these attributes are lost to the public once darkness sets in. When devising public lighting strategies far too many city and town councils focus on the obvious landmark buildings and monuments yet somehow neglect bridge lighting. Quite apart from many bridges that are of architectural merit or have a particular historical significance, even the most ordinary bridge can contribute to the night time visual landscape when properly lit. An advantage is that bridges within the same city or town environs, and even across the same river and in view of one another, tend to be different and quite unique. So, visually it makes the overall riverside/canal aspect dynamic and interesting. Lighting bridges, especially in quieter parts of a city or town, can also create a sense of well-being which in turn contributes to safety and security of an area.

You can visit our Bridge Lighting Manufacturers at the following links, to view specifications, sizes and availability:

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