Street Lighting

Back in the earliest days of street and public lighting the Greeks and Romans used it primarily for safety and security. Today it serves the same purpose but, in addition, is used to enhance the façades of public and commercial buildings, city and town plazas/squares, commemorative monuments, and statues. It can even boost tourism! Lighting contributes to people/property safety by bringing an area to life. This applies to vehicle roads users and pedestrians alike, be they locals or tourists. Lighting all public areas in the hours of darkness is hugely beneficial but lighting areas normally deemed unsafe after nightfall has proved extremely effective in reducing accidents and crime. However, thanks to the latest developments in LED-based lighting, buildings, monuments and even entire streetscapes can be transformed into captivating, exciting and vibrant spaces which attract both locals and tourists. There are numerous examples worldwide of how strategic lighting schemes can virtually double visitor numbers to a city by offering a whole new, ever-changing landscape which makes an autumn/winter visit and entirely different experience. Such is the versatility of modern lighting technology and controls that virtually anything is possible. Apart from the obvious lighting of prominent buildings or particular landmarks, it is now possible to have colour changes to reflect the seasons or annual festive occasions and events. Then there are the more “funky” and fun-type opportunities. For instance, Singapore has an area where the street seating changes colour when someone sits on it. There was a time when the costs associated with extensive public lighting schemes were prohibitively expensive. However, that is no longer the case. If anything, devising carefully-planned public and street lighting strategies using modern-day technologies and controls can actually save city councils significant sums of money. With the infrastructure permanently in place, set-up/installation costs are a once-off investment that continue to deliver.


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