Office Lighting

Offices are a particularly challenging environment to light properly as there are so many parameters to consider. Key issues are the general usage of the building, the type of tasks being carried out, the number of people working within a particular confined space, the equipment being used, etc. Apart from the task-specific issues, other considerations include general ambiance, health and safety, and emergency exit lighting. We have vast design experience in this area and a matching portfolio of fittings, controls and accessories from world-renowned, market-leading, lighting manufacturers. We offer everything from high lights through to wall fittings, recessed fittings, downlights, ceiling fittings, tracks, displays, etc. Most important of all, we devise customised solution for each particular application.

You can visit our Office Lighting Manufacturers at the following links, to view specifications, sizes and availability:

For Griven click here - For Ivela click here  - For Beta-Calco click here.


Office Lighting  

High Light Ceiling Suspension

Wall Lighting 

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